Our downtown 2nd floor tasting room is a welcoming environment for wine lovers or someone wanting to try wine for the first time. Tasting wine should be fun and is always better when shared with friends or family. No previous wine knowledge or experience is needed when visiting The Sycamore Winery. We hope that you will grab a glass of wine, explore the historic charm of our expansive building and relax on the rooftop patio overlooking the city. 


No outside food or drinks are allowed, unless reserving a private room.

Wine flights are $7 and include a sample of three wines that you can enjoy at your table. Wine is sold by the glass or bottle to enjoy on site and bottles can be purchased to go.  Also available in our tasting room are our cherry and apple "Sin City" ciders - sold in 22oz. bottles. 


The Sycamore Winery has partnered with midwest and other rural vineyards and orchards to bring our customers a wide variety of grape and fruit wines. As part of our long-term plans, a small vineyard of grapes will be planted on The Sycamore Winery property to allow for select bottles of estate wine.  



CABERNET SAUVIGNON (Out of Stock) Full-bodied and American oak-aged for 14 months

Alcohol 13.4%

PETITE SIRAH (Out of StockFull-bodied with rich flavors of blackberry, tobacco leaf, and hints of oak

Alcohol 13.4%

COAL CREEK RED (Out of Stock) – Named after Coal Creek that runs just south of The Sycamore Winery (original tasting room), this semi-dry red wine has creamy mocha, spice, and earthy aromas. The full body of ripe plum, black cherries, and black raspberry flavor make for a soft smooth finish.

Varietal: Merlot, Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, Chancellor, Chambourcin

Alcohol 12%

CHARDONNAY - Our semi-dry, crisp Michigan grown Chardonnay, has a touch of French Oak with hints of green apple flavor.

Varietal: Chardonnay 

Alcohol 12.9%

SYCAMORE RED – A medium-bodied wine that is full of flavor with hints of cherries, raspberries and plums. This dark colored red blend pairs well with pasta and red meat dishes.

Varietal: Foch, Chancellor, DeChanauac, Rougeon

Alcohol 11%


VALLEY HARVEST - A semi-dry white blend with hints of peach, citrus, honey and melon.  

Varietal: Vidal, Seyval, Vignoles, Cayuga, Muscat

Alcohol 11%


SYCAMORE WHITE – This Riesling blend is a semi-sweet wine with refreshing hints of melon and citrus blossom. Our crisp Sycamore White wine pairs well with seafood dishes or spicy Asian cuisine.

Varietal: Riesling, Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc

Alcohol 10%


CATAWBA - A mild berry, fresh fruit taste with just the right amount of the famous spicy Catawba grape sweetness. Our Catawba is best served chilled and is perfect for backyard patio sipping.  

Varietal: Catawba

Alcohol 10%


TWO LAKES RED – This sweet wine has a bright bluish-purple hue. Intense and vibrant, with a showy fruitiness up front, this wine offers snappy, grapey scents that echo fresh grape juice. Made from 100% Concord grapes grown in Southwest Michigan.

Varietal: Concord

Alcohol 10%

STRAWBERRY (Limited Stock) - Sweet wine made with fresh strawberries.

Varietal: Strawberry

Alcohol: 8-9%

BLUEBERRY - Our sweet Blueberry wine, bursting with fresh blueberries, has quickly become a favorite and hard to keep on the shelves. 

Varietal: Blueberry

Alcohol: 8-9%

RASPBERRY (Out of Stock) - Our sweet Raspberry wine is an easy drinking wine with soft raspberry flavor. Best served chilled. 

Varietal: Raspberry

Alcohol: 10-12%

BLACKBERRY (Out of Stock) - Made from fresh Indiana blackberries, this seasonal wine is sweet and full of rich blackberry flavor. 

Varietal: Blackberry

Alcohol: 10-12%

MIXED UP (Out of Stock) - A combination of our Blackberry and Blueberry wines. 

Varietal: Blackberry, Blueberry

Alcohol: 10-12%

PEACH - Sweet wine made from fresh peaches.

Varietal: Peach

Alcohol: 10.5%​

CHERRY - Sweet wine made from Michigan cherries.

Varietal: Cherry

Alcohol: 10%​



HAPPY HOUR – Our sparkling bubbly is made from tropical passion fruit & peach juices. This sweet sparkling wine is great with brunch, fresh fruit, or served to toast a happy occasion.

Varietal: Passion fruit and peach

Alcohol 10%


OLD MINERS PORT - This full-bodied Chambourcin dessert wine is blended with blackberries for a smooth finish. This sweet wine is perfect for after dinner sipping. 

Varietal: Chambourcin 

Alcohol 19.2%


CHERRY BOMB - Our Cherry Bomb Apple Cider combines fresh Michigan apples and Montemorency cherries with hints of almond flavor.

Varietal: Cherry and apple

Alcohol 5.5%

CRISP APPLE HARVEST - Our classic hard apple cider has distinct aromas of Golden Delicious and Gala apples. Crisp Apple Harvest is balanced with the right amount of sweet and tartness.

Varietal: Apple

Alcohol 5.5%